Custom Woodwork

Chestnut Cabinetry specializes in handcrafted kitchen, living room and bathroom cabinets, utilizing New England vendors to source high-quality local materials in order to provide an exceptional product to showcase in your home.

Founded in 1960 by Sebastian "Ned" Lagana, Chestnut Cabinetry is a longstanding family tradition in woodworking that extends over 50 years, covering three generations of artisan craftsmen.

Located in Chester, NH since 1976, Chestnut Cabinetry leverages our longstanding relationships with New England-based, small family-owned vendors to source the majority of our lumber and materials.

All finished product is custom crafted to your specifications, resulting in a beautiful product that enhances the look and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom.


Custom Kitchen, Bathroom or Other Cabinets - We are happy to work with you to design custom cabinetry that fits your specific needs. Please call for further details.

Chestnut Cabinetry's direct sale methodology allows for client engagement with the craftsmen themselves from the design phase through installation, ensuring a high quality product that meets your needs and specifications, while direct engagement eliminates the cost associated with resellers; savings which are passed along to you.